was i made to play the ukelele?

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since i have no real musical talent or natural strumming ability. but. also maybe yes. the uke is known for being such a happy instrument, but i think it’s actually got a very sad thing going on. and once i get past my beginner instruction, my goal will be to only play happy tunes with undercurrents of deep melancholy.

“and that’s when, i guess, bluekele was born?”
— neighbor across the alley

p.s. went to a baby shower this past weekend, have suddenly turned into the old crow’s feet smoker-type, drinking champagne and not watching the mother-to-be opening her presents. anyway, we started talking about baby names:

nice person: and if it’s a boy she’s going to name it ________________
me: did you say wyclef?!
nice person: no…heathcliff.

if i wasn’t going to name my future non-baby “bronco,” it might have to be “wyclef.” (please note writing the name “wyclef” has sent me on an itunes/amazon/grooveshark hunt for fugees songs, which has distracted me from my ukelele workout. ready or not.)

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