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hilariousness from jessica hopper: “I’m sorry, but has anyone seen a picture of Bruce Springsteen 73-77 (before the years on the road started to toll on his face a bit)? Look at this picture of him. Do not front like you wouldn’t hit that. Like, in a time machine. Not current Boss.”

actually i would probably also hit Current Boss. just for writing so many heartbreakers about yearning and nostalgia. and for max weinberg. and for the 4-hour concerts he’s done for 20+ years, including one that ross and i listened to while driving to ashland last weekend, from august 20, 1984, the year of born in the usa (one of my favorite records of all time, which led me to list “bruce springsteen and the E street band” as my favorite “singer” on a youth group questionnaire in 1988) — and just LISTENING to the concert, in my white rental car, actually felt like BEING AT THE CONCERT, every song we’d look at each other and be like, “[google eyes] wait…is it…?…ZOMG it’s…!!!!!!!!” and we BOTH got teary-eyed at one point (me to “i’m goin down”; him to “darlington county”).

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