i am that 15-year-old

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from jessica hopper, who i am quoting a lot these days:

I saw PJ [Pearl Jam] last in 1992 on Lollapalooza and I barely remember it. They certainly weren’t as triumphant as they are now. Majestic. Vedder is so earnest, so straight in his connection to the audience, he’s Springsteenian in that regard, but there is not the rock n’ roll showman part. He’s understated, the anti-rock god rock god and that’s why people love him. It’s impossible not to watch him and eat it up. It feels good to do so. His banter is absolutely corny, like he is 15 and trying to explain why he loves playing music. He is letting that part of him do the talking. Which is awesome and also really funny. More people should do that.

that 15-year-old part of me is always doing the talking, it seems, (especially) when it comes to music. i can only say things like “it’s totally amazing” or “it makes my heart explode” or non-brainy things about how awesome it is and how my soul gets rocked and etc. etc. glad my job is not music journalism. although bad that my job is music director and i have to write press releases describing why you should come to a show (“because it’s gonna be amazing”).

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