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explosions in the sky played last night. basically i wept through the whole thing. (happy weeping.) alexa really captured it when she said their music feels like being alive right now. it also feels like a whole lifetime in one song. like all the trying to be good that stretches across one life. and the failings. but the intention. the actual nobility of being alive in those highs and lows. because always the trying.

that’s what every song sounds like to me.

hence: the weeping.

and then i was thinking about how the last time i saw them, 2003, maybe 2004, and it totally blew me away, and i was living in austin, working at the san jose, and then here i was in 2011, BOOKING the band, hanging out with them, being part of the whole creation. and ross was like, “i thought we should bring explosions here 5 years ago, and then you come and you do it,” and i was like, “but it just sort of happened!” and he was like, “there’s no coincidences” and it just got me feeling choked up. if you think about the trajectory. are there any coincidences? why did i work at the san jose and learn about marfa? and consider moving here? why did i move to new york and then lose faith and take a corporate job with yahoo in san francisco and then die of unhappiness and move to portland to work for nat? and why did that company fail exactly when david beebe offered me a job out of the blue in marfa? and why did i go on a date with casey burns and learn about lee cohen? who then introduced me to ballroom marfa? and then and then and then and then and then.

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