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bossman (therapist) sez i have to do some investigating about future of relationship and what R is feeling and not be scared about response. bossman says i have to say i love you and not be scared. scared of what? DUH HIM LEAVING ME AND CONFESSING THAT I’M A TOTAL IDIOT GROSS DUDE.

also i love this, courtesy of jessica hopper. i too do not miss sassy magazine, grunge, MTV, and also wish fugazi were still together (just for the idealism side of things, i’m not nostalgic about rock bands, with the exception of maybe bedhead…but not really), and that liz phair had been more than she was (but not really):

Mostly I miss 25 cent stamps, particular dead people still being alive, the kind of time everyone had before the internet ate it, that people would just stop by your house. No one stops by now. Texting removes effort. I do not miss Sassy Magazine. I do not miss MTV with videos. I don’t miss the grunge revolution, though I wish Liz Phair had made more than one great album and that Fugazi was still together.

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