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somehow ended up on the grouch family wiki. incredible:

Irvine is Oscar’s niece, a baby Grouch. She stayed in Oscar’s trash can while he was away, in episode 2606 of Sesame Street. … She has a tendency to scream and cry very often.”

Dan Rather-not is a Grouch broadcaster that appeared in a Season 38 insert featuring Anderson Cooper and Walter Cranky. When asked to answer a question, all he ever says is ‘I’d rather not.'”

“Oscar says Grouch babies love to fall asleep to the sound of a good loud argument.”

“Mrs. Grouch lives in Illinois.”

“In this episode he [Donald Grouch] is looking for a Grouch apprentice to help him sort all his trash, some of which the chosen apprentice would get to keep. Oscar, Grundgetta, Omagrossa, Swampy, and even Elmo contended for the job. Elmo won since he did every job correctly, but was instantly fired [for doing everything correctly].”

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