me cheeks

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alarming trend: me cheeks accidentally hitting buttons on my phone. during a conference call today, i accidentally cheek-pushed buttons FIVE times and eventually muttered “what the hell” while looking to see what was happening. did the people on the conference call hear this. 98% certain.

also heard rumor you’re not supposed to wash your jeans, instead you’re supposed to put them in the freezer. tried it last night. perhaps one night was not enough? as they do not feel or smell any cleaner. plus a very chilly morning clothing entry.

some days

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thinking about this quote a lot, from salman rushdie, in esquire‘s “what i’ve learned” series:

Every so often a day comes along that seems to be a breeze. It just seems to come. Who knows what forces are inside you at that moment?

some days are a breeze. some days, a swamp.


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style inspiration casual chic #456780

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You Don’t Miss A Good Thing (Until It’s Gone) by Irma Thomas on Grooveshark

i need more education

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from the BOMB interview with pyschoanalyst and essayist adam phillips:

One thing that psychoanalysis could be useful for, though I don’t know how it could do this, is enabling people to bear conflict. It’s like what Robert Frost said about education: we have it so that we can talk to other people without losing our tempers. Well, we might say, we should have education so that we can talk to each other and lose our tempers and not kill them. That would be fine.

a simple person

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my best dream

had amazing dream last night where i was in a thrift store and found a wallet in the for-sale bin that was stuffed with cash. just like the wallet above. i was like, is that…! [dart eyes] the dream ended with me heading to the desk to turn it into the staff.

Wrecking Ball by Gillian Welch on Grooveshark

happiest frig in world

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full fridge

before. how could i meltdown with a person who stuffs me fridge? (easily, nonsensically, sensitively)


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figured out the sad trajectory of yesterday. woke up smiling –> went to bed with heartache. so many tiny little inconsequential steps to get there.

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LOVE nancy

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letter from artist Nancy Spero to art critic Lucy Lippard, 1971.