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how come i’m so unfamiliar with normal day-in, day-out relationships. please no one have only children, because i’m like an orphan giraffe when it comes to humans. but a very sensitive sometimes angry giraffe who doesn’t know how to communicate or ask for things without getting intense about it on the inside. i printed out this thing about being too sensitive, and it’s very helpful, basically you just have to roll with stuff, but sometimes i start to feel…underappreciated and get tight.

basically i have no idea how to be a normal person with someone every day. PRETTY COOL

friday night, went to krista’s birthday party and liz lambert was there (my old boss at the san jose) and she was maybe a little drunk and she kept saying how i was “the best front desk clerk ever,” outside i was like, “oh no no no,” but inside all my feathers were puffing up.  NO NO NO PLEASE NEVER STOP

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