a strange thing i just did

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drawing by jen lane, courtesy of the new york times


drawing by jen lane, courtesy of the new york times

last night i saw an ad in vanity fair for a promotion for american spirit cigarettes, 2 packs for $2, and as a surprise for R, who smokes, i called to sign up for the offer:

MAN: are you a user of tobacco products.
ME: mm-hmm.
MAN: what is your preferred brand of cigarettes.
ME: american spirit.
MAN: what are the last four digits of your social, address, phone number, email address.
ME: [redacted]
MAN: do you agree that we can send you offers and coupons and mailings from the santa fe tobacco company and that everything you have said is true.
ME: mm-hmm.

it will take 4-6 weeks to receive the coupons. “2 packs for $2?!” how can this be best girlfriend ever how did you do it etc. etc.

this morning spent two hours pre-work dedicated to louis ck, as i have lately become (begrudgingly) obsessed with louie, even though i don’t laugh that much and find it grim and off-putting but also strangely inspiring and touching.

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