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really awesome article about england’s dickens world by sam anderson in the new york times sunday magazine.

He also told me that he and his staff narrowed the pool with “American Idol”-style auditions. “We made the applicants demonstrate customer service,” he said. “What they’d do if somebody lost a child, or injured themselves. Or if there was a complaint, unfortunately. But then I said to them, ‘The twist is, you have to do it in a Victorian manner.’ ”

The visitor experience consisted mainly of listening to recorded speeches, many of which were either dull or unintelligible.

For a park that markets itself to children, Dickens World was surprisingly grisly. I saw at least two severed heads, and when the performers lip-synched their way through a dramatization of “Oliver Twist” in the courtyard, it ended as the novel ends: with Bill Sikes murdering Nancy by beating her head in with a club, then being chased by a mob until he accidentally hangs himself.

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