some things i’m thinking about

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1. first, this song. by bo diddley. this is what bo diddley sounds like? (also when trying to type his name i put in both “bod diddley” and “bo bibbley”)

Bo Diddley — I Don’t Like You

2. will i ever be normal and chill.


3. air travel has reverted to olden day air travel. like, somewhere between the wright brothers and before pan am double decker/hot stewardesses. when it was like, not that good yet? or when it was not well funded? i had to run for a flight this past weekend, and there was no agent around to direct me or be like, “try it!” or “not worth it” or “it’s leaving” or “let me see where that flight’s at” and then when i got to the next flight’s gate, no one was there, either, although the plane still was. for another ten minutes. and then finally the agent came up from the fairway or whatever it’s called and was like, “yah i figured you were landing…” and i was like, well, i guess…i’m glad you were thinking about me.


not like this


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