bigness and messiness and problematicness

Posted: July 22nd, 2012 | No Comments »

from joel lovell’s article about kenneth lonergan’s film “margaret”:

There’s something in the very conception of “Margaret,” in the themes it most ambitiously pursues, that defies perfection. If “You Can Count On Me” was a sublimely wrought depiction of a fragile dynamic between two siblings, “Margaret” is that writ large — played out not in a single family or a small town, but among ever-widening and interconnected circles of lives, their private dramas constantly thrumming and colliding. Yes, it’s a big, messy, problematic film. And it’s one that, with a precision and insight and empathy and large-heartedness you almost never find in movies anymore, captures the bigness and messiness and problematicness of life, and does it in a profound and lingering way.

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