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we had this dj camp for kids, and the finale was tonight, the kids dj’d, mostly top 40, all top 40, including katy perry, adele, rihanna, and selena gomez’s “i love you like a love song,” and we all danced to make it like a party, and i almost cried like 18 times because it’s such a hodge podge of kids, 12 and under, there was one really round little boy, and a set of triplets, and this tween girl dancing and singing along to all the songs, with long braids in her hair, and all of them SORT OF shy and awkward but also committted and totally feeling it, and you’re like oh jeez kids you are killing me, you are KILLING ME, and we’re all dancing, too, which feels like pure freedom, and that love song sounds revelatory, like the truest words, like yes I DO love you like a love song, and this 8-year-old is dancing her heart out to katy perry’s “fireworks” and i’m like HOLY SHIT MAYBE POP MUSIC IS KIND OF SIMPLE GENIUS and maybe it’s for kids actually and it’s speaking to them and sometimes empowering them, all these chilluns with their arms in the air singing about letting your colors fly or whatever the line is. incredible. and how come dancing is like a miracle cure for the blues? it really is. and what would it be like to have a best friend live here in the same town with me. nonsequitur but what if.

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