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terrible work day, i’m terrible at my job, it’s a fact, don’t have a fountain of ideas all the time, and who can handle seamlessly all these egos, all these money demands, dumb egos, dumb money, dumb dumb dumb, can i quit and get a chill job doing the chillest things on an island somewhere, so a dumb beat down day, but despite all that, even when things are so dumb, i am so lucky to have ross in me life.

portrait of ross by connie lipsey, susannah’s mom

ross painting by connie lipsey

a good morning

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laundry folding – draw something with courtnery – coffee in favorite mug – dog snoozing – clean sweatpants!!!!!!! – pema chödron meditation lesson – before 9 am

i’d stand in line for a good salad

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from a brief interview with Aaron Franklin, “who opened Franklin Barbecue in a trailer in 2009, [which] attracts longer lines and more accolades for his meat (which sells out by noon every day) than anyone else in the country”:

How long would you wait for barbecue?

I can’t eat barbecue anymore. I’d stand in line for a good salad, though.

outside my office

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louise bourgeois: the fabric works

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Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois
, 2005
45.7 x 35.6 cm / 18 x 14 in

 “Through sewing she attempted to effect psychological repair: ‘I always had the fear of being separated and abandoned. The sewing is my attempt to keep things together and make things whole’.”

more at hauser & wirth




joan mitchell, untitled

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Untitled, 1992. Pastel on paper, 29 1/2 x 21 3/4 inches (74.9 x 55.2 cm). Collection of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York. © Estate of Joan Mitchell.


inside it’s all tears, cartwheels and a hard-on

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gem that was cut from the GQ interview with garry shandling (by amy wallace, new profile hero):

The show [The Larry Sanders Show] was at its best when the characters tangled directly with this dichotomy. Like the episode in which Larry [Shandling] gives his Artie [Rip Torn] a top-of-the-line Phantas pen as a gift, then complains that Artie doesn’t seem grateful. Artie’s response? He tells Larry he was only being taciturn because he knows Larry gets nervous around emotion. Artie goes on to reassure his boss of his true, hidden gratitude: “Inside it’s all tears, cartwheels and a hard-on.”

it was a stalemate

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from the GQ interview with garry shandling:

When I ask Garry why he chose Iron Man 2 as his comeback movie, here are the topics he explores on his way to an answer: the emotional pull of the Olympic Games; a recent boxing match at Madison Square Garden; the Dalai Lama’s admission that he dreams about sex; the importance of being aware; the unmarried status of the greatest religious leaders; the appeal of powerful women; the four ulcers he had by 1998, after the sixth and final season of The Larry Sanders Show; how it feels to land a punch; the difficulty some men have expressing emotion; his love of Jerry Seinfeld; his respect for the Coen brothers; his disdain for cynicism; his fondness for the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh; dogs; the familiarity of every noise in his home; and the way his mother answered him when, as a child, he asked what she thought of him. (“‘What do you think of me?’ is what my mother said. It was a stalemate.”)

collared shirt inspiration

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more collared shirts

courtesy of la garconne

poor trees

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only have about 15 tabs open on my browser and seven articles printed out to read (dear trees, sorry about this, but who can read online), which will probably not get read, though i did
read the annotated amy wallace interview with garry shandling this morning on the bike [humble brag]. so maybe i WILL read everything. (see goal to learn everything about everything.)