the most beautiful

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haterz gonna hate

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starting now: VINE. WHY!?

from the archives

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was searching old emails for “sandy denny” and found this email from may 2004 to carolyn:

best two things i’ve done of late:
1. took the afternoon off and went to marianne’s
graduation from journalism grad school. during the
reception, i ate tiny cakes, had one glass of
champagne, and talked with her very very delightful
parents and aunt for a long time. it was like flying
on a giant bird. which is to say: surprising, and very

2. on saturday, i went to the farmer’s market, bought
a glass of green tea lime juice and lettuce and baby
carrots and sugar snap peas, walked to a shoe store
and ordered a pair of shoes, then bought $5 crappy
sunglasses, walked across the brooklyn bridge to BAM,
saw “in the mood for love” (alone), then walked home,
got on the subway, and had dinner on the upper west
side with my old friend thu.

great sad song to listen to maybe if you ever feel
like being sad and turning off the lights and
listening to something on repeat, which i did recently
when i realized the last person who was in love with
me was marc vogl, which was five and a half years ago,
which seemed like a very long time ago. anyway: the
song is the fairport convention’s “farewell,
farewell.” the lyrics aren’t super sad, but sandy
denny’s voice is flat out heartbreaking.

a list of new york wonders

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best things about NYC trip, april 2013

  • rain
  • delicious food (indian at TAJ, italian at il buco alimentari, bagels, guacamole, green smoothies, salads, brussel sprouts, the entire extraordinary meal at battersby)
  • lounging at the bar at buvette, in the middle of the afternoon
  • seeing greg’s play (harrowing)
  • wondering if the rain was real or fake during greg’s play  (real)
  • seeing the blind scientist dude from silence of the lambs in the audience of greg’s play
  • having a hilarious dinner with greg, danielle, ross and carolyn
  • dan making pasta and salad and sun chokes for me, ross and ted (!) (what are sun chokes! they look like potatoes!)
  • getting a manicure at 8 pm!!!!!!! new york you genius city!!!!!
  • julie and steve napping and watching TV in my hotel room
  • having salem’s lot handy, even though it was dumb
  • getting my hair done for the benefit
  • wearing the same outfit 4 out of 7 days
  • sitting with all the musicians at the benefit (bosses finally understand that i will never be able to network effectively outside of my species)
  • wandering down crosby street
  • sharing a coconut donut with ross
  • walking the high line and worrying about a sunburn
  • ross lightly snoring during Room 237 at IFC
  • running into dan and jacob at the park
  • hearing mary lattimore on the late night drive back into marfa

and then this happened (in new york)

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so this happened

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this is great

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The first time I heard mariah carey it shattered the fabric of my existence and I started Grimes.

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an amazing post from grimes re: pop music, the music industry, women in music, people of color in music, haters:

and yet I know very few adult males who consider themselves serious ‘music guys’ who don’t laugh when I say I like Mariah carey.

Why? because shes beautiful and people like her.  therefore she must be selling sex, right? so obviously her music is terrible, right?  ugh.

The first time I heard mariah carey it shattered the fabric of my existence and I started Grimes.