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this blog is making me laff and laff. i have only read two posts so don’t take me word for it, but go ahead and toolbar bookmark this please:

I put the dry ingredients together and mixed them up, I then realized I could have just mixed the ingredients together in the mixer bowl. As a lazy person, I was so irritated with myself. I should know better. Never give yourself more to wash than absolutely necessary. That is one of my ten commandments.

in other news,  here are the best rolling stones songs [UPDATED]:

wild horses
let it loose (especially the background singer around 4:35ish)
doo doo doo doo doo (heartbreaker) (YES TWO OFF GOATS HEAD SOUP WHO KNEW)
miss you
rocks off
she’s a rainbow
ruby tuesday (partially from nostalgia)
paint it, black (nostalgia)
under my thumb (nostalgia)
i am waiting
torn and frayed
moonlight mile
stray cat blues

i know a lot of people like “loving cup” and “dead flowers” but not me as much. i count myself as a semi rolling stones expert, as i have 65% of their records, including emotional rescue, which no one really respects, and i even kind of liked “love is strong” on steel wheels (maybe because the video played endlessly on VH-1, which was the channel of choice when i worked at star pizza, summer ’94) (also explains my love for counting crows “round here”). actually maybe this disqualifies me as a semi-rolling stones expert.

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