the elusiveness of being in the moment

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Kim Gordon, Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent

from the rookie interview with kim gordon:

Musicians sometimes talk about performance as a way to be more real or to try on other identities–I am wondering how performance allows you to be your real self and how it allows you to be “fake.”

Sometimes performing, if all the aspects are going well, allows you to be in the moment—you lose a certain self-consciousness; you are not really aware of yourself or your body in a way that is separate from the music. It’s a visceral experience and a physical experience—you feel in the moment, and it’s a really great feeling.

you need to listen to that alanis morissette album

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cherry pie courtesy of gourmet

this advice column won’t quit. the profanity makes me so happy. here’s a clip from polly giving advice to a 29-year-old who was scared of losing her looks:

You need to listen to that Alanis Morissette album, the one where she thanks India and proclaims that she’ll be good even if she gains ten pounds. Alanis is just the ticket for you right now. She’ll make you see how poisonous your superiority complex is. You may hate the old, ugly person you think you’ll become because you’re not sure what else you have to offer, besides your face. You should dedicate yourself to becoming someone whom you’ll feel proud of, without or without the shimmering and the crackling. Haven’t you ever met anyone who wasn’t conventionally attractive, but who was incredibly charismatic and enviable? If not, you really need to get out more. Instead of gazing at your own heart-stopping face, you should throw out your mirror and dedicate yourself to something that feeds your soul and makes you feel even more alive than, I don’t know, admiring your own image? It’s a bad habit. And apparently it makes you feel powerless, because you’re getting off on something you feel you’re about to lose.

Here’s the truth, and you’re just going to have to trust me on this: You’re not nearly as old or as beautiful as you think you are. And even if you are the most ravishing woman alive, I’d advise you to imagine, instead, that you are very young and very plain. Then walk out into the world, and be a regular person among the other regular people, with your whole life ahead of you. You’ll be surprised at how good that feels.You pity the old ladies. What you don’t know is that they pity you even more. They know what a burden you’re carrying around, and they know how bad it makes you feel, to think of losing this thing that’s actually a crutch that keeps you from maturing and connecting with the real world.

I know you’re just being honest. I don’t want to give you shit for that. I just think you need to get a bad haircut and eat a big piece of cherry pie and join the rest of us. When you do, you’ll see the truth at last: Life is beautiful. Pretty faces are a dime a dozen.

“I just think you need to get a bad haircut and eat a big piece of cherry pie and join the rest of us. When you do, you’ll see the truth at last: Life is beautiful.”

here’s to

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“…the female narcissist is dangerous to patriarchy because she obviates the desiring male subject (loving herself, she needs no confirmation of her desirability from him). in the case of an artistic practice that performs female narcissism (such as wilke’s), the threat lies in its making superfluous the arbiters of artistic value. already presuming her desirability, wilke obviates the modernist critical system; loving herself, she needs no confirmation of her artistic “value.”

amelia jones, body art: performing the subject (via karaj)

over 2,000 notes. here’s to obviating the male subject, needing no confirmation of your artistic value, and being dangerous to patriarchy.

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be business casual, always

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brahs sorry for the bummer post. obviously a lot of dumb feelings about work. also i feel like i poisoned that work relationship, and the one with our web programmer, because i let the relationship go casual. i didn’t keep boundaries. i was too informal. let it slide. and then they just stopped respecting me.

biggest work lesson:



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bridesmaid research

dream rug room

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rug room

rug room

no but seriously

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just talked to my coworker about that problem lighting contractor, who two weeks ago sent me three passive aggressive ranting-out-loud emails (though he apologized at the end, sort of, by saying “I was afraid I might damage our relationship,” hahaha no but yes), but i totally heard out his issues, totally consulted my book.

anyway, but next week, we have a visual arts opening, community dinner and band, of course unfortunately we need him.

i told him the band would be playing outside, in daylight, so no lights needed, but i did really need him to light the community dinner. he said fine, great.

but then he talks to my coworker today about how he thinks we really should light the band.

no big deal, chill nicole, peace please, but it rubbed me the wrong way, because excuse, talk to me, second ex-cuse, the band doesn’t fucking need lights, third excuse, i would never get  him to do the lights at this point, because he’s already overcommited (he’s lighting the show and the dinner, which is a ton of work, and almost every event we’ve worked together, he’s finishing it at the last minute, or forgoing something i’ve requested because he’s run out of time, why do we have to play out this cycle every time?).

plus he just told me that he was going to raise his prices (“I understand that the rate I charge is the same rate you pay high school dropouts from Mexico that paint the gallery. I charge less than 40% of what you pay IT subs and less than 30% of plumbing subs, about 50-60% of the going rate for a welder. I think the solution is to start billing at a more realistic rate like I charge for other lighting gigs.”) please, for sure do that so i do not have to get these emails ever again.

Kind of a Mad Person Today Even Though I’m Going to Be a Bridesmaid in Two Weddings in 2014 and That Is Actually a Dream Come True

fuck off

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kathleen hanna, the bomb:

“There are definitely women who are singing about women’s issues, and to me that’s the most important thing. But I would love to see more female musicians—and male musicians—calling themselves feminists and not being nervous about that word. There are all these stereotypes about it—it means you’re a man-hater, it means you have hairy legs, it means you’re a lesbian—and I was like, “Yeah, and? So what if I am a lesbian? So what if I do have hairy legs? So what if, right now, I do hate men? Fuck off!”

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a good reminder

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for me, more like, avoid not drawing.

via ann friedman, via edward tufte (our old friend!).


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bill has the same kind of hair as me. via earthquake weather.