second, a word about new york

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llittle guy

a good new york trip (tho heavy emz for 1-2 days). highlights:

1. tv in my bedroom!
2. delicious coffee with dan every morning
3. early morning chill time with amos (see above)
4. manicure with berry
5. rosa being so awesome, whiskey with rosa, rosa helping with the event
6. all those nice friends coming to the show
7. delicious queens diner breakfast with thu and john, oh the potatoes!
8. successful meetings (“i’m a real worker”)
9. sitting in wrong movie theater with greg
10. after party with greg and his filmmaker friend who wanted to keep talking to us (greg hated it, but i loved it, this never happens in marfa, we all know everyone, such a treat to be elusive/mysterious/unfamiliar/unknown and be able to LEAVE without any repercussions)
11. late night buvette dinner/ fake french waiter / all fake french waiters / chocolate mousse (why not)
12. all day saturday free / evans stops by / in pajamas till 2 pm / coffee in triplicate / dinner party shopping / spraying monocle perfume at bird / restraining all shopping tendencies
13. champagne
14. dinner party with old friends

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