today’s old face

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in a grumpus mood today, despite wearing vibrant, ross-curated, much-lauded outfit of yellow and orange. gonna offset grouchiness by eating lunch of JUST sweets.

old face all yellow


how my dvd player greets me

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it’s better on loop but you get the idea. and yes, i still have a rad ass five disc changer. and yes that’s my awesome delayed camera work. also apologies to my super bros tiny readership for scaring them with any dark moments. good things ahead.


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new discovery courtesy of aquarium drunkard. on repeat.

so he kicked it for a long time

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from helytimes:

Thursday I went to meet somebody for lunch at a restaurant here in Los Angeles.  I got there a little early, it was a sunny day, and this restaurant has a very pleasant outdoor bar.  So I sat down at the bar and ordered an iced tea.

The bartender was a friendly dude.  We joked around a little.  When he came back with my iced tea I was staring at my phone.

“Would you like to hear some world news?”  I said.

“Fire away.”

“Well, Nelson Mandela died.”

He thought about this.

Hasta luego, brother,” the bartender said.

He went back to work for a bit.

I kept reading my phone.  A little while later he came back.

“What else are they saying about Mandela?”

“Well, it says here he was 95.”

“Huh,” said the bartender.  ”So he kicked it for a long time.

(photo: “Long lines of people outside the polling station in the black township of Soweto, a southwest suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, on April 27, 1994. Photograph by Denis Farrell/AP.”)

pray for brains

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HELL YEAH(via annfriedman)

brighter days

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a good/bad way to initiate a serious talk:
by walking into a house sobbing. “so i guess we’re doing this right now?”

a great way to start a day:
receiving angelica huston’s autobiography in the mail. courtney davis you are too much.

personal hero

santa fe purchases

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pre ender’s game purchases: sugar-free red bull and “sugar-cookie-flavored chocolate-dipped peeps.”




85% highest regard

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NO JOY HERE IN THESE PARTS LATELY. despite feeling relatively competent at job and not eating gluten (smug joy).

does it matter if someone doesn’t love you AS MUCH as past loves? is that even a thing? does it matter? it doesn’t, right? what it is the finish line to a relationship? there is no finish line. so why not just live in the moment and enjoy it all with so much feverous joy? loose partnership, lying together at night, someone to call, someone to count on, someone to turn to, someone to return to, hugs, kisses, sex, holding hands, road trips, listening to music, watching hockey together while eating homemade spaghetti, so excellent.

still. i hear the words in my memory, like tiny knives piercing me heart. a feeling of being…only 65% adored — still a lot of adorement — although truthfully actually adoration is not the right term. lack of adoration is maybe the problem.

perhaps “85% highest regard,” more accurate.

ps. no google images results for “tiny knives piercing a heart,” in case you were wondering

ps2. can someone please get down with that hitman article as much as i did? what is wrong with EVERYONE

you are keeping it so real

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thank you


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can’t believe i didn’t make a thankful list this thanksgiving. kind of skimmed over it at ross’s folks house. but so much to be thankful for:

friends + family + ross + clyde + buffy st. marie’s “helpless” +  junky sci-fi novels (especially the passage and the twelve) + peasant bowls from future shark + bandanas on dogs + thrift stores + my car + heat + hot water + tomatoes + tomato sauce + being 85% gluten-free but still getting to eat ice cream