let’s ban sorry

Posted: March 24th, 2014 | No Comments »

from justine harman’s “while we’re banning stuff, let’s ban sorry”:

Every day, for myriad reasons, women are apologizing to me: for opening a door I am about to enter; for reaching over me at the salad bar; for standing in front of the open refrigerator and gazing at the variety of chilled milks. It’s the same thing every time: A well-spoken, confident women will notice that we happen to be sharing the same space, cast her eyes downward, and mutter a quick and meaningless, “sorry.” Most of the time, I say it back. It’s nothing more than a ritual, a salutation, a paper-thin pleasantry. But she’s not sorry. And I’m not sorry. So why are we saying that we are?

really weird article pic, kate hudson in almost famous? hur? some deep almost famous reference for true fanz only? but dude, the gist, YES. all i do is say i’m sorry. this morning i sent ross a text that apologized for him calling me at 12:30am and me being asleep. what? why. too much apologizing. all the time. i’m gonna try and ban sorry in my own life and also learn how to say NO without feeling totally guilty and anxious.

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