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simple pleasures!!!!! FOUND IN WORK FRIDGE !!!!!


1. nina simone = the only antidote for work stress. NOT MEDITATION.

2. lately drinking coffee with a LOT of milk, mostly milk, and with occasional shots of stolen bailey’s irish creamER (courtesy of our intern) (sorry intern).

3. tried yoga booty ballet online, it was kinda cool dumb. i found it on this site, the living room floor, which is WAY up my alley. “From a gal of moderate fitness and meager finance, trolling the internet for the best free workout videos.” goal is to do each video once and build no actual muscles.

what else, house is a mess, almost like a junkyard. going as zz top for halloween. there was a live mouse in my work trash can. accidentally bought instead of rented obvious child on amazon instant. binge read gone girl last weekend. still incredibly pleased about work trying to keep me. not sure what i will do but holding onto the glory for as long as possible.

RECOGNIZE! ! ! ! !

RECOGNIZE! ! ! ! !

RECOGNIZE! ! ! ! !


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