today was kinda lame

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someone yelled at me; coworker(s) is frustrated with me; contractor stormed out of meeting; artist in town had panic about our instagram post. SUPER COOL. mom said my horoscope was 5 stars, so like, universe, what gives? one bright spot, we’re working with this PR firm in LA and they are so awesome. they are like real hardworking people who can joke around but deliver results and are super open and funny and refreshing and no frontin. i told them i’d do this interview and make a playlist for them (why wouldn’t i!??!? the fun part of my job is listening to music and enjoying it and thinking about it and honestly i hardly ever have any time to do that, so please, any excuse to marinate with music). anyway, louise wrote back this:

why can’t everybody i work with be as accommodating as you because this is how i usually feel

good gif

also last night i was so tired from work, got home at 10:30pm, did a crossword, and fell asleep watching cheers.

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