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whoa bros a lot has happened since i last wrote. like: i’m taking an emergency austin trip to fix a tooth (filling problems?); accidentally wore bike shorts underneath my jumpsuit to work today; threw a music festival (successful but complicated); was pretty unchill during said music festival; cried multiple times (privately) during said music festival; went to el paso; realized eating corn chips is really bad for my broken tooth; got my hair blown out twice in preparation for music festival and did truly consider maybe doing it every week, like an old lady, actually let’s be honest, i have not washed my hair since, in hopes that it will magically resolve; watched all of that unbreakable kimmy something show on netflix; paid $20 for interstellar at the hotel in el paso and fell asleep immediately; accidentally wrote interstallar — a different, less correct movie; got the best accidental car wash of my life (came with a $130 oil change). hasn’t been my best month, TO BE HONEST. though hasn’t been my worst month, either. think the worst month was when i quit my job at powis parker in 2000 and was doing odd jobs, and signed up for one on craigslist, where i had to hand stuff out at the santa clara mall (!). the day of, i had to wear khakis (!!) and meet my contact at a donut shop (!!!). then we drove to location #2 to pick up more staffers, where my contact realized he had contracted too many people, so he offered $20 (CA$H) to anyone who would forfeit the job. you do not have to tell me twice. i took the $20, got out of the car, walked home, embraced freedom. it reminds me of this time when i had to have minor outpatient surgery, but i had forgotten to call insurance, so i was lying on the pre-op bed, in my gown, at 7am, worrying about how i probably should have called and gotten pre-certification, but then the doctor came in and was like, “our generators went out. we have to cancel surgeries for the day.”

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