my passover needs.. (are great)

Posted: March 31st, 2015 | No Comments »

this week ross is working on a film shoot down at cibolo creek (45 mins south of us) and gets up at 6:30am and comes back around midnight. we are only two days in, so not like a tour of duty or anything, but i’m basically on my own. so i’m really just gonna give in and do my own thing: walk the dog twice a day; eat like a bachelor (salad, spaghettios, cake); keep the kitchen clean; lightly clean out the fridge; do the laundry; take baths at 9pm; read my junky fantasy novel; watch the americans (good but not like, SO good); go to bed early (but slightly anxiously). yesterday i tried to sit in our living room and read and i did it but then i was like, gah let’s get out of here (to the bedroom). in other news, an interesting email in my inbox:



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