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larry david courtesy of broadway.com(courtesy of broadway.com)

listened to this great fresh air interview with larry david on the drive home last night:


SUSIE ESSMAN: Larry was a comic. Larry started as a stand-up comic. And I knew him from Catch A Rising Star. We probably met in 1985-1986. And he was a legendary — he’s what we call a comedian’s comedian, meaning that he would get on stage and the comedians would stand in the back of the room. “Larry’s on” — we’d all come running into the room to watch him ’cause you knew something brilliant and original was going to happen. But the audience half the time stared at him like they had no idea what the hell he was talking about. And he was very, very touchy. You know, sometimes if, like, the whole audience is laughing, and you had a stomach ache and had a bad look on your face — that would be it. He’d storm off the stage, you know? Or one time I remember I introduced him and — you know, “Ladies and gentlemen, Larry David.” And he came on the stage and he just looked at the audience and he just went, “Never mind.” And he just walked off. …


DAVIES: And that’s Susie Essman talking about our guest Larry David in his early days in stand-up. So does she have it right?

DAVID: She’s — yeah (laughter) that was pretty accurate, yeah.

DAVIES: Do you remember the time you came in, looked at the audience and walked off?

DAVID: Yes, I do. I didn’t say never mind. I think I said, I don’t think so.

DAVIES: (Laughter) And why? I mean, what — what was it about the audience?

DAVID: I didn’t like the looks of them.

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