oh, at the top of my voice

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lance armstrong and willie mellow
Mellow (courtesy of Willie Nelson’s site/Lance Armstrong)

from the fresh air interview with willie nelson (obviously have spent some time in the car lately):

NELSON: Well, I have listened to a lot of different kinds of music, and I grew up listening to everything from Frank Sinatra to Hank Williams. So I’m sure I picked up a lot from, you know, every one of those guys. I lived across the street from a whole gang of great Mexican friends of mine who played music all the time. So I was influenced by all that music. I worked in the fields with all kinds of people who sang and played in practically every language, from bohemian to Czech to Spanish. So I heard all kinds of music. It was like being in an opera out there in the cotton fields. And picking cotton wasn’t that fun, but the music out there was incredible.

GROSS: Did you sing when you were picking cotton?

NELSON: Oh, at the top of my voice.

[also willie nelson grew up picking cotton?!]

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