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Posted: January 1st, 2016 | 1 Comment »

guys, it’s new year’s eve! we went to a surprise (not surprise) wedding with a concert by bitchin’ bajas and now we’re supposed to continue partying, but ross (!!!!!) wanted to come home to change clothes and get warm, so good luck if i maintain steam to go back out (prospect: fairly likely, but not in the exact same carefree i’m-going-till-midnight-no-question way). however i got to see a lot of wonderful people that i love and drink prosecco and wear this one-shouldered jumpsuit that i’ve had for 3 years that i’ve never worn, so that was all quite cool. while i was sitting listening at the concert, i had literally ONE MILLION things to say, but now i’m like: ___________. BUT, in the meantime, i’ve been meaning to talk about this invention i had last week — a pillow made of many layered pillows, so you can burrow your head away from light / sound, without needing MULTIPLE pillows, and without said multiple pillows falling away or off your head and then ruining the sleep party. basically you are cocooning your head in a cozy pillow heaven. possibly also a suffocating pillow heaven. but first things first i need to make a protoype and see if i suffocate.

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