taking moments

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so this is my work hell three months, with three giant events back to back (two down, only the most giant one to go) (WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN WANT TO GO TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL, I MEAN IT IS NOT EVEN THAT FUN, LET US BE HONEST, IT IS STUPID) and so my actual human life is non-existent until march 17ish. but i’ve been trying to still take a couple moments every day:

  • reading the times “your morning briefing” (digi version — straight up worth the $16 monthly fee)
  • yoga with adriene. i liked this article about being a crappy-but-ardent runner, that’s me in yoga form.
  • walks with clyde — we alternate between two spots and walk for like, 10 minutes, so short, but to have a moment of sunshine and breeze…it can be…grounding. or present-making. for that minute. even though in theory i hate the sun, jah bless rainy days!

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