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NSFW image of a kong

just remembered that i had a dream that we found clyde’s kong. what a cool dream. also ross is out of town and i have so much work, so i moved the TV into my work room so i can just watch forgettable TV in the background while i work. “livin the dream.” it makes work so much more pleasant, like i’m casually working while doing something else. also it feels like i have friends over that i don’t have to talk to.

in other news, i finished the mindy project on hulu and it is indeed a strange show but i am into it because of its sometimes brilliant jokes and emo beating heart. although why did they hire the terrifying scary mutilator actor from deadwood to play the new doctor? he’s actually not bad but the terror memory. their male casting choices are a bit painful, with the exception of danny, and ike barinholtz, who is incredible.

also i put this in my amazon cart the other day, WILL IT GET BOUGHT

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