taking moments

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so this is my work hell three months, with three giant events back to back (two down, only the most giant one to go) (WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN WANT TO GO TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL, I MEAN IT IS NOT EVEN THAT FUN, LET US BE HONEST, IT IS STUPID) and so my actual human life is non-existent until march 17ish. but i’ve been trying to still take a couple moments every day:

  • reading the times “your morning briefing” (digi version — straight up worth the $16 monthly fee)
  • yoga with adriene. i liked this article about being a crappy-but-ardent runner, that’s me in yoga form.
  • walks with clyde — we alternate between two spots and walk for like, 10 minutes, so short, but to have a moment of sunshine and breeze…it can be…grounding. or present-making. for that minute. even though in theory i hate the sun, jah bless rainy days!

move on

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“What you’re doing, or experiencing, or feeling right now is, in the scheme of your life, pretty fleeting. I try and remind my kids of this when something at school isn’t going right or a friend is being mean—it feels like everything in the minute, but it won’t be more than a bleep when you look back. Don’t give the little things too much importance or you’ll let them define you. Move on.”

— Rebecca Misner on Apiece Apart

the thing about life — just constant reevaluation, learning, trying to get better. i did this giant concert last sunday (2000 people) and had to work on it 24/7 in the weeks leading up to it and was stretched pretty thin. i organized the show with a friend — cuz it was so big, impossible to handle alone — but it really got tricky with who owned what, who was boss? which: does that even matter? for a dumb ego, sometimes it matters. the day before the show, we tangled because she scolded me about offering a burrito to this guy and it was so dumb and i should’ve let it just roll right into the atmosphere, but of course my porcupine quills came RIGHT up and i got really ANGRY. inside and on my face and in my voice. i wish i could have moved on, and held onto what misner says, “it won’t be more than a bleep when you look back.” so true. and i’ll most likely never work with her again: so who cares about how it even goes down? i held onto that anger for so long that day. tight voice, tight shoulders, angry vibes. what a waste to a nice day (a nice, hard, exhausting day).

so genius

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“if you are even a remotely hot ginger, you will fare well in the black community”

aminatou sow and shani o. hilton on WHO DAT?, discussing Black Whos. another highlight: amina and shani try to figure out who zendaya is:

bobby: i forgot she [zendaya] was in the “bad blood” video, too. i already forgot about the “bad blood” video.
lindsey: she’s friends with taylor swift, that is another thing.
amina: i have never seen her on taylor’s instagram outside of “bad blood.” so, like, ALLEGEDLY.

such good advice

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(Source: askcat.guru, via askcatadvice)

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prairie chiccccccccccc

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fashion pause: loving these ulla johnson looks from her fall 2016 line (photos via ny mag).

ulla johnson rtw fall 2016, courtesy of ny mag ulla johnson rtw fall 2016, courtesy of ny mag

should i get chips for dinner?

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gemma correll worrier poseby gemma correll

you dunk it. obviously.

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ok, really avoiding work. EEP. but this is the last thing — about christina tosi, sweet maker, founder of milk bar, on the 10 dishes that made her career.


#4: Dairy Queen French Fries and Soft Serve

My dad had a huge sweet tooth for soft serve, so we’d go to Dairy Queen a fair amount. Everybody else would just get ice cream and I’d be like, “I need French fries and a small thing of ice cream.” I’d eat them one after the other, or dip. The opening menu at Milk Bar had little fingerling potato chips as a topping for the soft serve, and I remember Dave [Chang] being like, “What is this all about?” The people who know, know. You know when you have Wendy’s French fries and a Frosty? You dunk it. Obviously.

you dunk it. obviously. her vibe rules. and check out this bit from an old times interview regarding her favorite things:

Provisions: Candy; cookies; chips, cafe bustelo on the stove; sugar; salt; caffeine.

A WOMAN EXACTLY AFTER MY OWN HEART (plus salad and champagne and cheap boxed white wine)


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Willie Davis for The New York Times

Workers applying a platza treatment — an aggressive scrubbing with oak leaves and olive oil soap — at the Russian & Turkish Baths in the East Village. Willie Davis for The New York Times

about to jump neck deep into work and be MIA-ish for the next three weeks, so ONE more catch-up post. this article about the history of the russian baths in NYC (whose previous owner died while giving a platza), where i went on my birthday in 2005, and sauna’ed, steamed, cold-plunged, had a platza, drank beers on the sunroof. the platza was literally, like, straight out of a porn movie, with steam rising around the masseuse and me; buckets of water being poured on both myself and the masseuse (who was shirtless, wearing only cutoffs); and lots of gasping (from the shock of the cold water; the beating of the broom; all the sex we were having????). more pix of the baths here.

going on record

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were you seeing a penis on your monitor

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poet eileen myles bought a house in marfa last year, and i met her at a party. a friend of mine was her literary agent in new york, so i was like, “oh! my friend was your literary agent!” and she was like, “what’s your friend’s name,” and i had had two glasses of wine, and am terrible at remembering names on the spot even when not tipsy, and couldn’t place my friend’s name (emily! it’s emily!) and i was like, “um…” and she was like, “huh. sounds like a good friend.” and that was our whole interaction. now when i see her i avert my eyes. cool. but this piece is so good. (minus that dumb picture at the top.)

and this is also quite good, from the ny times:

Ms. Myles continued: “Gender is such a big issue today, but in so many micro ways. Here’s an example. I wear my jeans low, and I continually get stopped at airports. The scans tell them I should be a man. The T.S.A. people call it a ‘groin anomaly.’ Can you believe that?

“One screener woman literally said to me, ‘Do you have a penis?’ And I answered, ‘Were you seeing a penis on your monitor?’ And she said, ‘I’m asking you seriously: Do you have a penis?’” (Ms. Myles’s answer: “Not today.”)