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a letter to someone you never told that you love

(from present journal)


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from the article: “San Francisco, ‘the Silicon Valley of Recycling”

“It’s Willy Wonka’s everything-you-can-imagine-recycling place,” Mr. Reed [spokesperson for Recology, the recycling plant] said during the recent tour. The former freelance reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle loves talking about recycling and composting so much that it is as enjoyable “as a woman asking if she can give me a back rub.” he says.

more about garry

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nice article about garry shandling and his television work:

The artifice of his show [It’s Garry Shandling’s Show] offhandedly became a representation of the artifice of personality, personal presentation, the construction of our Life Story as a tidy Hero’s Journey that made us look better than we’d look if anyone else were telling it. Often he’d rewrite scenes or lines within a moment to salvage a personal disaster or create a happy ending where none had any right to exist. We laughed and cringed at this, because we do it ourselves every day, in large ways and small.


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guys, my free yahoo! testing website is over, 10 years later. how dareth they. i wanted it to last forever. but what does. do i now pay $13/month for my site? i mean.

i don’t think einstein bounced it off a crowd

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Shandling in an episode of “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.” Credit Shout! Factory. Courtesy of the NY Times.

so sad to hear that garry shandling had passed away (sidenote: he had a brother named barry?!). i watched the it’s garry shandling’s show in high school, and it cratered itself into my head (just having a theme song about the theme song was incredible).

watch shandling’s comedians in car getting coffee:

[wandering around the comedy shore, reminiscing]

shandling: …i mean, i didn’t really know how to be, i was a guy from arizona, that came–
: so what. no one gives a shit about where you’re from.
: [pause] yeah…i’m sorry i brought that up.

to find those beacons of light

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rupaul, part 2:

David Bowie was a big influence on you. Did you ever get to meet him?
I did, yeah. I was at a dinner party and when I saw he was there, I had to excuse myself into the library of this swanky house. Actually, it’s a house that David Geffen owns now, but it wasn’t his then. I excused myself to breathe a little bit, you know? Thinking back, I guess he came in there specifically because he knew that I went in there. And he said “Hi” and shook my hand. I said, “Hi, great to see you.” And we spoke for a little bit. Then I actually escaped the party and didn’t sit down for dinner because I had to go downstairs and let out the screaming and crying that followed.

What does he mean for you?
I talk about the sweet, sensitive souls, the people who are my tribe, you know? And how hard it is to navigate your heart in this plane, in this linear, basic, mediocre, hypocritical world. To find those beacons of light in that darkness is such a gift. And he is that. He still is that.

be sweet. have corn dogs.

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rupaul. Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImages

Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImages

GREAT interview with rupaul:

Do you feel that drag can never be mainstream?
It will never be mainstream. It’s the antithesis of mainstream. And listen, what you’re witnessing with drag is the most mainstream it will get. But it will never be mainstream, because it is completely opposed to fitting in.

How do you feel drag’s function has changed?
The function hasn’t changed. It’s been the same since the beginning of time when shamans, witch doctors, or court jesters were the drags. Which is to remind culture to not take itself seriously. To remind you that you are not your shirt or your religious affiliation. You are an extension of the power that created the whole universe. You are God in drag. You are dressed up in this outfit of a body, which is temporary. You are eternal. You are forever. You are unchanged. And this is a dream you’re having. So don’t get to attached to it. Make love. Love people. Be sweet. Have corn dogs. Dance. Live. Love. Fuck shit up. But it’s all good. You can’t fuck it up because you’re eternal.

when it’s bad, it’s funny

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Alissa Wagner and Sabrina DeSousa of Dimes

Alissa Wagner and Sabrina DeSousa of Dimes. Courtesy of The Coveteur.

more advice, from the founders of restaurant/shop dimes, sabrina de sousa and alissa wagner:

7— Any mantras, philosophies or words you live by?

SS: When it’s good, it’s fun. When it’s bad, it’s funny.

AW: In general, just work hard and treat people well.

people are important

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i’m supposed to be thinking about my future, but still wrapping up festival, so not much brain power on the future, YET, but this was good. lenny inteview with maria cornejo (bolding my own) (i meant to quote her ages ago, because her general philosophy resonates for me, but i can’t find that article and it’s gone now into the brain ether):

I think you have to do things that sit well with you, because life’s too short. It’s hard to live with yourself if you’re not happy with what you’re doing, or the way you’re doing things. I think that’s one of the things for me, is losing everything so young, and then losing my mother so young, and then losing my dad.

People are important: the way you treat people, the way you behave with people. That’s one of the lessons I learned. I don’t want to work with people I don’t like. I don’t want to be in situations that I don’t feel comfortable in. Life’s too short. So you try and find like-minded people, and you surround yourself with them.

i don’t think many companies actually think this. but people are important, and how you treat others, critical.

that’s how hoes type.

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 Khloe Kardashian Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Khloe Kardashian Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

the cut’s interview with khloe kardashian:

First of all, how are you able to function with those super-long nails?
Oh, my God, you sound like Kim! She’s always like, “I feel so unclean.” How do you function with shorter nails? They give me life, they give me everything.

But how do you do basic things, like type on your phone?
Kourtney always says, “That’s how hoes type.” I’m always like [taps her phone], “Yep, that’s how hoes type, okay?”