tonight’s walk

Posted: May 24th, 2016 | No Comments »


guys! long absence! first walk in our spot in a long time. was working like mad on that giant wedding and now i’m loose-ish, no jobs on the horizon except working at freda on sundays and random days and handling the workshops for the trans-pecos festival and maybe random production jobs, so my plan is to just take this time to reset / figure out the best course of action / swim out to my ship. i’m calling it a sabbatical. this awesome artist asked me if i wanted to be her studio assistant — gonna chew on it. i like the sound of it but also i like the sound of a lot of things and then i’m like, WHY DID I SAY YES. i really do like the sound of a lot of things. also guys i bought a new yorker puzzle (the worst) at a thrift store and it’s been sitting on my shelf and i started doing it tonight.

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