live from my shift at freda

Posted: May 28th, 2016 | 1 Comment »

working at freda and listening to the fader’s song of summer contenders. have only made it through adele’s “send my love (to your new lover)” and i love adele but it doesn’t feel like a summer banger exactly. the chorus has a “kokomo” vibe to it? though i’m sure i’ll be at a wedding and hear it and be like, OH YAS and run to the dance floor. last night i made a birthday cake for anthony and somehow it went all wrong and it is the ugliest cake i have ever frosted. it looks like a goat baked it. i tried to prettify it by making a peace sign out of m&ms on the top but it actually made it look weirder and oh no i just realized it’s not the peace sign but the mercedes symbol. PERFECT ACTUALLY. i think it has to do with our oven, because when i light the pilot, it explodes in a fireball and singes off my arm hair. so more anxious about baking than normal. #laterblog

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    […] win best album. love adele and “hello” makes me instantly weep but remember that non-banger that sounded like kokomo? and remember this? and this? too much. and lotta feelings about […]

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