life advice from steve c.

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it took me two years but i finally real-quit my job and trying to live by this advice from steve (april 2015):

Yes, the sadness – that is what the art is there for – to process the sadness.  More fleetwood mac can help.  Try Mirage.  “That’s All Right” is one of my favorites and never got no airplay.  Play that for 3 days on repeat, do some exercise and real-quit that job and see how that helps.  Last time I was sad, you told me to make a little movie and send it to you and it helped me drag myself back up.  Do not underestimate the effects of doing something that allows you to express yourself, something that feels worthwhile – maybe that’s starting a movie theater, maybe it’s becoming a life coach, maybe becoming Levi’s live-in French tutor.  

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