birthday recap

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highlights of the 42nd birthday celebration (damn son am i old?):

  • mom being here
  • mom flirting with our waiter dirk at stellina (!!!!!)
  • cashiolas in town
  • teddy being the belle of the ball at the lost horse
  • birthday walks with clyde, teddy, and my mom at vizcaino park, where i used to go all the time but then abandoned/forgot about, but it’s not too shabby, and it’s empty! especially good when overcast. (but isn’t everything)
  • speaking of, all this cloudy weather — i actually think this may be contributing to my general sunny outlook
  • homemade vanilla milkshakes at cobra rock!!!!!!!!!
  • homemade bread from suzy!!!!!!
  • milk bar cookbook and milk bar cookie cake (though had a head cold and couldn’t taste much, so that was sort of dumb but a good non-painful way to share)
  • staying at the hotel saint george for free!!!!!!!
  • taking a bath (with homemade bath salts) at the hotel WHILE drinking a margarita AND watching the office on my phone (the coolest thing about life is that you think you don’t like something [baths] but then have to adjust [because you only have a bathtub in your house] and then feel fondly about the thing you thought you hated and then you move into a new house that only has a shower and baths become a little jewel that you didn’t expect)
  • remembering that the office is great
  • taking my birthday off facebook — birthday wishes from nice people is always cool but also just was stressing me
  • not getting to do exactly what i wanted to do on my birthday (sleep in, lie around in bed for a 1000 hours reading and watching tv and doing crosswords and not having to clean up or entertain anyone), but realizing that going with the flow can be equally satisfying (or differently satisfying)
  • just feeling very mellow and happy in general these days, who can explain it

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