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matt-damon-gq-0816-09.jpg Illustration by Joe Mckendry

Illustration by Joe Mckendry

from gq’s “encyclopedia of matt damon”:

[Stephen] Soderbergh: When [Matt] hit us on the Ocean’s set, he said, “I really feel like I’ve kind of lost my mojo.” He’d just come off a couple movies that didn’t work commercially [All the Pretty Horses and The Legend of Bagger Vance], and they were not finished with Bourne—they were gonna go back and reshoot more after we wrapped. And I remember George [Clooney] and I saying, “We can do that with this. You’re going to have a blast.”

Damon: I showed up like a drowned rat and just stumbled into the room [with Steven] and George. Steven says, “This is the movie where you’re gonna get your mojo back.” And they had a big party because it was the “We have arrived in Chicago” party. They rented out a bar with the whole crew. And then we shot the next day, and then they rented out a bar and had a huge “We’re leaving Chicago” party. And I’m like, “Wow, maybe I am gonna get my mojo back on this shoot.”

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