would that it were so simple

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a few things that happened, christmas 2016:

  • saw rogue one
  • rented and enjoyed hail, caesar! even though i fell asleep and only loosely know what happened (but this scene!)
  • ate indian food delivery on christmas day — first time ever; rate it cool
  • way overdid it on eggnog
  • ross, clyde, and i got FAT!!!!! (see above, and MORE)
  • got a little heater for my desk — have it blasting right now
  • bought fake UGGs at Costco (dream come true)
  • wondered aloud if i look like a California girl in my new fake UGGs, HOPE SO
  • got two fillings replaced
  • felt grateful that new dentist does not use nitrous, that stressful dentist nitrous scene in transparent is real
  • ross’s identity got stolen
  • mom’s car broken into
  • finally understood why christmas holidays at home (with a partner) can be…unrestful


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