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  • heart racing from work anxiety for 3 hours straight (so far)


  • friendship
  • natural deodorant

our brief, glorious time on earth

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a good reminder from bart campolo, “the evangelical scion who stopped believing”:

But as he took stock of the rest of his life, Campolo decided that there was no reason an atheist couldn’t still be a minister too. Instead of comforting people with the good news of Jesus, he’d preach secular humanism, a kinder cousin of atheism. He’d help them accept that we’re all going to die, that this life is all there is and that therefore we have to make the most of our brief, glorious time on earth.

sounds terrifying but satisfying in a weird way

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It’s exciting when something goes wrong or the worst thing happens. You put all this energy into trying to make sure the worst thing doesn’t happen, but then when it does, it’s really liberating.

sheila heti

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david lynch and isabella rossellini

david lynch and isabella rossellini

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chance you little cutie

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i have come to believe that america is a promise we have made to each other

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from the NY times interview with surgeon general vivek murthy:

 I read an article you wrote when you were a medical student, and you said: “Understanding who you are and who you are becoming through your experiences is the single most important part of medical training and practice.” Who have you become through your experiences as surgeon general? 

I have come to believe that America is a promise we have made to one another. I  have never felt more inspired to be part of upholding this ideal, because in the faces and the stories of the people that I’ve met all around the country, I have found people who are worth fighting for.

i have come to believe that america is a promise we have made to one another

things that happened the past two days

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  • used my phone as a hot spot!!!! 2017 BABY
  • sobbed to “empire state of mind”
  • got to eat dinner next to (and talk to) the lead singer of the walkmen. i was very chill upon meeting him but then immediately confessed to being a superfan. what can you do. i just think, why hide it? (A: lots of reasons)
  • ate a very very mediocre/almost sub-par burrito in the albuquerque airport and yet —

when did YOU build YOUR first hut?

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yes, another post about letter of recommendation. i love that series. thank you, new york times magazine. from the letter of recommendation about the youtube series primitive technology and its creator, “the Man”:

Compared with most internet stars, the Man is also unusually reticent. He never gives his name. (I think of him simply as the Man.) And a close reading of the comments section reveals only that he lives in Queensland, Australia; that he built his first hut when he was 11; and that he used to make a living mowing lawns.

been thinking about this (a lot)

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i really do wish there were some cool non-strange jonestown-like way where we could all die peacefully, in one very chill group. tho perhaps would help to not know your Jonestown time. perhaps also the group nature might be frightening. ok, maybe still workshopping this. 

also thinking about the concept of every moment being perfect…i see what they (anonymous they) mean, but so many moments are drudgery. how to find the beauty in all those drudgey moments? i’m pretty good at seeing the good, but lately it just feels like endless slogging. please see old face post for more. 

…though this quote, inspired by, but not from, apiece apart: 

“I wanted to write something in the tradition of the hallelujah choruses but from a different point of view. I think the other song that is closely related to that is ‘Anthem.’ It’s the notion that there is no perfection–that this is a broken world and we live with broken hearts and broken lives but still that is no alibi for anything. On the contrary, you have to stand up and say hallelujah under those circumstances.” — leonard cohen 

my i-forgot-how-hard-marfa-myths-was face

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yo I'm old

also known as “old tired face”