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 Barry Jenkins Credit Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

Barry Jenkins. Credit Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

from the daily — a haunting interview between moonlight director and academy-award winner barry jenkins and ny times staff writer nikole hannah-jones about their troubled childhoods:

hannah-jones: all right…so when you say you’re not…bitter…is that true?
jenkins: it is true.
hannah-jones: you’re really–
jenkins: i’m not. not at all. to be bitter is to say that i was owed a better childhood,  i was owed a better circumstance. and that’s just not true.
hannah-jones: no?
jenkins: no. i mean, i’m here. you know? i mean, right?
hannah-jones: you are here.
jenkins: and also, too, i understand what the world was like when i was born. i don’t blame any of these men or women who became addicted to this drug [crack]. it was not the “perfect” storm…it was….an undeniable storm of how all these things happened.
hannah-jones: so…i definitely think of myself as a broken person and i wonder if you think of yourself that way, too?
jenkins: HEEEEEEEY! … yah, yah, for sure. i mean, clearly. clearly. you can’t go through — i’ll acknowledge that. you can’t go through those things and emerge fully intact, you know?
hannah-jones: how are you broken?
jenkins: you know, i often say that, in the film, the main character is this guy that’s wandering around feeling like he’s unworthy of love, you know? and i think i went through that process, very very legitimately feeling like i was unworthy of love. and you have to always — when you’ve ever felt that way and really believed it — you have to constantly do this work to remind yourself that that is not true.


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