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got my second wind after a grinding day of meetings, so now working and blasting my tiny space heater and drinking bailey’s (new vibes) (surviving last week before festival with nonstop sugar) and listening to eleanor friedberger live on kexp. she’s so great. she played trans pecos last september, gave me a shoutout on stage, heart soared, we bro’d. drank a lot and her drummer was so nice. it’s funny how old ties sometimes turn into deep ties.

sidenote: why is the intro music on democracy now! so bad? it is straight up the worst. (pause to listen to it.)  jazzy terribleness. guitar funk.  gotta wonder how that helps their case.

also i didn’t watch the trump speech tonight, just couldn’t, brain too full, even though i believe in getting as much info as you can take (somehow i’m on the white house mailing list? and one time they described how betsy devos has “used her treasure” to further education and i know copywriting is no easy gig but…)


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