and she will sometimes feel grumpy and she will also feel exhilarated and delighted and grateful to be alive.

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a great new ask polly.

Our culture encourages us to translate every disappointment into a very personal moral failure. So I want you to deconstruct your guiding assumptions about what you “should” be. I want you to question how much having kids would be saving you from this feeling right now. I know it’s beyond hard to give up your house, but I want you to imagine savoring living in a smaller space. I want you to imagine your surprise over how emancipated you feel, walking out of your office holding a box of your things. I want you to picture a 15-pounds-overweight, gray-haired woman who is happy with her life. Is she wearing muumuus and big beads? Is she lifting weights and wearing pleather pants simply because both of these things are unseemly, and unseemly seems magnificent, suddenly? Is she hosting afternoon teas on Sunday with a “Let’s celebrate our midlife decline” theme?

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