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i was in houston for a week for my wedding shower and connie’s baby shower and here are some things:

  1. dude, wedding showers may be traditional but they are COOL, people are cool, and generous, and sweet, and they give you cool things! it’s very touching and strange and like, who needs stuff really, but actually it is kind of amazing to get stuff. new life building things. like a new toaster oven! (we are still using mine from college, 20+  years old — have to give it up to that old black and decker, it has a been a straight up workhorse — but pretty stoked to dig into this new cuisinart)
  2. while in houston, carolyn and i saw clark lord at this place in the village, i was like, oh my god that’s clark lord. i had a crush on him my freshman year of high school, when he was a sophomore and sat next to me in geometry and was very funny and cool and wore loafers without socks. now he looks like a real suburban dad. point is, time is complicated.
  3. also while in the village, carolyn and i stopped into this place called “the chocolate bar” and it is so cool to still find places that are good hang out spots for teens, and fun places for teens to work.
  4. dude if i move again, it has to be a place that has rain. it doesn’t have to be rainy — it just has to rain.
  5. tried the 7-minute workout this morning. [thinking face emoji]
  6. watched all of master of none. mixed review but some episodes were great.
  7. i want to buy this potion, for name alone
  8. today saw a reference to the robert hass poem “meditation at lagunitas” and a long time ago my friend thu gave me the apple trees at olema, so i pulled it out of the bookshelf, and tonight i’m going to read that poem. life is cool sometimes.
  9. today i didn’t study any GRE or take any of my mandatory practice tests but i’m cool with it. sometimes you just gotta blog, man.


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