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 Liev Schreiber and Chuck WepnerIllustration by Tom Bachtell

Liev Schreiber and Chuck Wepner. Illustration by Tom Bachtell. Courtesy of The New Yorker.

talk of the town on liev shreiber’s new film chuck, about the boxer chuck wepner:

[Chuck] Wepner earned his nickname, the Bayonne Bleeder, in 1969, when his fight against Sonny Liston rained blood on the spectators. Between bites of herbed scallops, the fighter said, “I could feel my nose breaking, hear my cheekbone cracking. The doctor looked at me and he went”—Wepner made a retching sound. “I almost retired after that, but I had the doggedness.” Working variously as a bouncer, an enforcer, and a liquor salesman, Wepner trained part time till he got his shot against Muhammad Ali, in 1975. “I was in such good shape for the Ali fight that I didn’t know whether I wanted to fight him or fuck him. I hope I don’t embarrass you,” he said to Schreiber, who gave a cosmopolitan shrug.

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