so: a brochure.

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a great story: “a love story” by samantha hunt.

I’ve been thinking about drafting a manual for expecting mothers. An honest guide to a complex time of life for which no one’s ever properly prepared. After I became a mom, I asked an older friend, “How come you never told me I’d lose my identity when I had a kid?”

“ ’Cause it’s temporary. They give you a new one. And I kind of forgot.”



When I sit down to begin my manual, I realize how specific my guide is to one demographic. So then, O.K., a mothering guide for middle-class, heterosexual women who went to college and are gainfully employed. But once I’ve arrived there, my pen raised and at the ready, I realize I actually have very little wisdom. So: a brochure. Pen in hand. Until I realize that what I’ve learned about being a middle-class, hetero mother who went to college could actually be boiled down to one or two fortune cookies. I write, “HORMONES ARE LIFE. HORMONES ARE MENTAL ILLNESS.” I write, “EQUALITY BETWEEN THE SEXES DOES NOT EXIST.” And then my job is done.

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