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Posted: December 21st, 2017 | 1 Comment »

Seiji Matsumoto, courtesy of the NY Times

Seiji Matsumoto, courtesy of the NY Times

  • enjoying illustrations by Seiji Matsumoto, originally seen here
  • watching A LOT of brooklyn 99
  • wondering if i might be addicted to brooklyn 99
  • falling in love with andre braugher
  • bought first quart of egg nog
  • love going to PO at this time of year: deliveries, christmas cards, cool ass mail
  • feeling like my christmas presents this year were a bit lackluster, but what can ewe dew
  • considering doing some form of this, i don’t shop all that often, but i DO creep around on blogs, websites, and newsletters, bookmarking all this cool ass stuff stuff stuff to buy (eventually), and it just feels a little distracting and consumer cluttery and not all that mindful. though maybe it is mindful because i don’t buy it? anyway maybe i just start with the no buying rule and see how that goes

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