and why that should matter to you

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interesting interview with the new editor, david velasco, of artforum (bolding my own):

Putting “incite backlash” at the top of my to-do list. No, but I want to feature art that really fucks with you, and then I want writers who will explain to you that it’s fucking with them, and sharing how and why it does so. And why that should matter to you.

to me, something often left out of the conversation about art IS the conversation — it feels like you’re supposed to  see something and understand it OR intuit why people have passionate feelings about these works (because in theory you’ve having the same response) OR if you have feelings about the work (including confusion), there’s no place where, or anyone with whom, you can discuss those feelings (art institutions don’t really have a space to encourage that dialogue) (perhaps social media is the closest?). so…velasco’s goal to have more of that kind of  conversation feels important.

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