but also just being a person

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 April Ryan. Illustration: Lauren Tamaki

April Ryan. Illustration: Lauren Tamaki. Courtesy of The Cut.

loved this bit from the cut’s interview with white house correspondent april ryan:

On diversity in political journalism:

All of it’s a big responsibility: being a woman, being African-American, but also just being a person. That’s why we need to have diversity in newsrooms, and particularly in that briefing room. I remember many years ago, George W. Bush said we need more minorities in there because you don’t hear a lot of the issues unless it’s coming from a person of a certain background. When you’re not at the table, you often don’t hear stories that are in your community. There are all these problems that have been percolating for a long time, and mainstream news organizations only deal with them when there’s a crescendo moment — the Trayvons, the Flints, the Katrinas. There are so many facets of America, and a lot of the American story is untold.

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