learning how to fail

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old draft, good reminder, from alexa wilding’s moonlist:

We toured a potential new Kindergarten for our boys for next year. The school believes in project-based, mixed-age learning, i.e.: learning by doing, which is totally my jam. The teacher was talking about how we don’t teach our kids to fail, we only teach them to achieve, to ace the test, and that if they do anything less they have wasted their time. As a perfectionist, this really spoke to me. Think about the quintessential school project, the volcano for a science fair. I remember making one, and it didn’t erupt. I felt like a total loser, which at 12 you already feel all the time. Had someone explained to me that, in building that volcano, I learned what worked and didn’t work, that it was simply a prototype, it would have saved me years and years of therapy.

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