is this a banger

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ross and i stayed up till 4am surveying R.E.M. songs (full disclosure i got home from work at 2am so wasn’t like we were talking about R.E.M. for 18 hours). i am not sure how i feel about R.E.M. in the long term but this song still rocks me. imagine if it came on the dance floor and you were middle-aged — BANGER. also i’m just getting into the NBA semi-finals duh and of course regretting my late fandom because i love basketball and knowing all the players and the games are so excruciating and exhilarating and why didn’t i at least start watching with the playoffs. but i’m here now YO. also slice of life, i met this couple from tucson today and they were so awesome, we talked basketball (he’s a celtics fan/anti-james harden), it was so fun to meet new folks and immediately be like, OH THIS PERSON IS SO GREAT. the guy reminded me of ben wu, prob why they got a pass.

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