ok california you are great! too cold, but still great

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trio of incredible juices and DAN at shed in healdsburg

i mean look at those cups of coffee, those juices!

ok, let’s be real, california has some THINGS:

  • great people
  • flowers
  • cows
  • the redwoods
  • great salads
  • an appreciation for beauty in the everyday
  • croissants in plenitude (though didn’t strike croissant gold this time)
  • impossible produce — just like — beautiful AND delicious. it has the power to flip me into being a fruit person. i mean i bought grapes once i got home, because i was so inspired. and made a very C+ smoothie this morning!
  • legal marijuana, still WHOA
  • (seemingly) good politics (though can we get justice for kevin cooper?)

dan at the farmhouse inn.


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